#Thisisme: The Preamble

Everyday in January a confession. #Thisisme is my month-long commitment to a share myself wholly and honestly. I will offer 31 personal, political, sexual, existential, and cultural disclosures from my life so far.

After my body is gone, words will be the truth of me. By coming out to the world 31 different ways, many of those words will be my own.

My candor will have consequences. #Thisisme should lead me closer to the right people and cast distance where it ought to fall. I may preclude job opportunities or strain relations, but perhaps the only way to succeed is to destroy all of the other options.

Radical authenticity is the purest form of activism. #Thisisme is my way of rejecting shame, stigma, and symbolic violence. I want to live in a world where uniqueness is a treasure, not a liability. I've made peace with the best and worst parts of myself, and I'm choosing to define my success in terms of experiential wealth and radical authenticity.

Follow along for a salacious, thoughtful, and entertaining month of oversharing! I'll be double posting on Medium and http://www.mylifeinletters.ca.