#Thisisme: Artist

I decided to conclude #Thisisme with "artist" because I had joked that my 31 confessions were best described as either a really long artist's statement or online dating profile.

#Thisisme was largely about making sure I was on the right path. In all seriousness, I've been trying to redirect my career into a creative path instead of the non-profit/government nexus of awful I was headed toward. If any of the things I've written for the project are a problem for prospective employers, then we're obviously not a good fit. I will not waste my time or talent lying about who I am.

I am an artist, but I am not faithful to any medium. I lean toward mixed media, political, genderfucking, and costume arts.

Being a starving artist only works if you make art. Right now, I'm drawing a coloring book (32 images finished) and working on a set of up-cycled sculptures (9/11 complete). I'm also bouncing around some ideas for a children's book called Evelyn the Mermaid and a movie called Boxing Day.

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