#Thisisme: McDonald's Patron

On any given day, I'd much rather McDonald's coffee than Tim Horton's.

There are only a few menu items I indulge in, but I quite enjoy them when I do. I also have to say that the upstairs dining space in the McDonald's North end of Bank Street in Ottawa is a really good space to do work for a few hours.

Foremost, the coffee & muffin deal - low fat cranberry-orange - is my order (It's a toonie, fuck yeah), but I'm no stranger to an Egg McMuffin (no meat), grilled cheese Happy Meal, and since I've already revealed my less than perfect vegetarianism, I'll disclose that the McDouble is a favorite cheat (also under $2). It's cheap, delicious, and if you don't have fries with it, it's not off the rails. I used to have the Santa Fe Veggie McWrap, but it got discontinued. 

Don't get me wrong, I love hash browns. When I'm granted a last meal, there will be many crispy delicious hash browns, but I broke myself of ordering them for the most part. For the record, A&W has the best hash browns. 

#Thisisme McDonald's patron.