#Thisisme: Socialist

I, like Bernie Sanders, am a socialist.

As a liberal socialist, I believe in state-facilitated equality of opportunity and state authority to democratically intervene in trade and industry. Only robust barrier-free social services can move society closer to a real meritocracy where talent is the only predictor of success.

Meritocracy is a myth under neo-liberal conditions. The 'nose to the grindstone'-'anyone can make it' mentality of exceptionalism and capitalist opportunity ignore that capitalism is defined by its structural proliferation of (dis)advantages.

It genuinely blows my mind how people claim that social disparities can be reconciled without free post-secondary education. In addition to education, child care, prescription drugs, dental care, and mental health care should be provided by our governments free of charge. Finally, I vehemently support a national unconditional basic income.

Another motivation of my socialism is watching the non-profit industrial complex redefining services and initiatives that should be part of our publicly funded health and social services. Fundamentally, moving services from the public sector to the non-profit sector situates them as charity rather than duty.

My principle example of problematic service redefinition is medical charities. If cancer, lung disease, blindness, HIV, etc... research are so important, why are they not assumed by a stable public funding model? I am not personally motivated to donate to medical charities because I see their work as the responsibility of my governments, not mine as a potential charitable donor. I am much more keen to support projects that will advance culture and policy towards democratic socialism and meaningful pluralism.

#Thisime a shameless socialist.