Letter to Editor Published in the KCR

I got the following letter published in the King's County Record in Southern New Brunswick. It's paywalled web content, so I figured I should re-post. (I ranted pretty extensively about that paywall in the Moncton Free Press, but I can't search it any more...boo!)

What if we Rethought Canada Day in Sussex?

As I watched the fireworks crack and fizzle in Monday’s rainy skies, the fumes of burning chemicals filled my lungs, and I had a thought. Isn’t there anything better than fireworks we could be celebrating Canada with?

Fireworks are an expensive flash in the pan, literally. Then consider all the gnarly compounds they pump into the air; I had the misfortune of being downwind this year.

So what if we did Canada Day in true Sussex fashion, with a hot air balloon moon glow?

When we spend $10,000 on fireworks each year, that money just evaporates. With three to five years of that funding re-directed, the Town of Sussex could buy their own hot air balloon that could be used whenever The Town sees fit. Free balloon rides could be given to residents at the Balloon Fiesta, and night skies of Canada and New Brunswick Days could be lit up. 

Further, a balloon purchase could get the community engaged through design consultation and an online vote for the final product.

I'm not suggesting a bleak next few years celebrations; we can act now and amortize the purchase taking advantage of hot air balloons having a depreciation value. A balloon purchase would be an investment for Sussex.

The only thing needed for this idea to become a reality is political will.