The #DecemberTree: Too PC for @UrbanDictionary

Yesterday, I had a stroke of politically correct genius: the December tree. Yup, not Christmas, not holiday: December tree. It rolls off the tongue nicely, it opens up the tree market to people of diverse beliefs and cultures, and I'm of the mind that surviving December in Canada is totally worth a celebratory tree.

I'm thinking win-win-win, right? So obviously, I submit to Urban Dictionary, only to have my entry rejected. (boooooo!)

This was the text of post that didn't make it:

December tree

A better non-denominational name for a Christmas tree than "holiday tree".

I decorated my December tree with edible ornaments this year.
The Rideau Centre spent a lot on December trees this year.

by StackedHouse on Dec 15, 2013
tags: Christmas tree, Holiday tree, December tree, Non-denominational, Multi-faith

I clicked on the website to see what the extra info is, and I found out it's just a random peer-approval system. I picked out some blatantly problematic ones as I clicked through. For example:

I guess some random pro-censorship Christian just blew up my lexicography. When December tree catches on, I'm going to shit-tweet Urban Dictionary so hard.