#Thisisme: Fashion Forward

I really love clothing. I can wear pretty much anything with confidence, and I do. At the mercy of disposable income, cool clothing isn't an interest I can usually prioritize, but I'm very crafty!

This confession was actually inspired by ridiculous love of epaulettes. Gaudy costume epaulettes are my favorite! I've crafted epaulettes out of green glitter foam and many pairs of sunglasses glued together for separate costumes. I'm really hoping to do some custom epaulettes with white masks and antlers (separately).

I've always considered my gender expression to be akin to David Bowie. I (think I) normally express masculine male androgyny punctuated by performances of emphasized femininity. I really like genderfucking, but femininity is way too much effort to perform for my daily. Most of this effort gets funneled into costuming, rather than regular dress.

Style is setting trends; taste is following them. #Thisisme fashion forward.