#Thisisme: Feminist

Surprise to no one, so I thought I'd get it out of the way early in the month.

Fuck, yeah. I'm a feminist. Let's be clear, I definitely don't support everything done under the banner of feminism, but I still find the label and paradigm useful for the advancement of social justice.

Feminists are having conversations that are needed to build a better world. Consent, harm reduction, gender self-determination, decolonization, and intersectionality are 5 good reasons to call yourself a feminist.

Feminism's definition is contested, but I gravitate toward a definition of feminism as a struggle toward gender justice. I believe that humanism and gender pluralism are the theoretical tools to accomplish meaningful social change, but there's a good reason I more readily identify as feminist than humanist or pluralist.

My value for the word "feminism" lies in it's power as a social commentary. Femininity is policed and devalued by dominant narratives regardless of the sex of the body performing it. Young women are told to marry instead of conquer and effeminate men are looked at as failures. The word "humanism" doesn't go far enough to address the dynamics that articulate homogeneous masculinity as more desirable than individuality.

#Thisisme feminist as fuck.