#Thisisme: Minimalist

Shedding my attachment to stuff was one of my first "adult" accomplishments. I'm so much happier focusing on having experiences than owning things. 

I was raised a collection kid in a collection family. My Dad collects knives, guns, and motorcycle miniatures and apparel. My step mom collects polar bears and bears in general. I'm ashamed to admit that when I was a tween, I started my Mom on an angel collection that got out of hand quickly. Many regrets that I can't offer photos of these collections.

The logic behind collecting is two really dumb ideas: 1) hold on to it; it might be worth something someday 2) collections take effort out of gift-giving. 

It's junk. Trust me. I know because I collected Volkswagen (mostly beetles) model cars and key chains during my adolescence. There are thirty-some boxed, never opened, die-cast models in a closet in rural New Brunswick. (If you're interested in buying these, please let me know!!) I tried to sell the whole lot together on Kijiji, but there was no interest at all. The junk you hold onto doesn't have a value unless you have a buyer willing to pay for it. 

My detachment from stuff must partly be that I've moved 14 times including once in an airplane and once in a ride share. Paring down has been a necessary and liberating process for me. 

The environmental benefits of breaking up with stuff are pretty sweet, but honestly they aren't my motivator. I can get more out of making memories and difference than making acquisitions. 

#Thisisme minimalist.