Doug, Stop Censoring #SexEd

Hey Doug,

You said you'd lead a government for the people, but did you mean it?

The reversion of Ontario's sex ed curriculum to its 1998 edition is the most hypocritical thing your government could do.
"The party with the taxpayer's money is over."

That's not what this looks like, Doug.

You're putting your ideas about the way things should be above the free exchange of evidence-based ideas between Ontarians. More and more relevant facts are available in the present curriculum.

Doug, you're censoring queer and gender diverse people out of the curriculum; you're the government telling me how to raise my family.

Let's be very clear about the "mandate" you have in relation to sex ed. You never released a costed platform. How much is this policy change going to cost? And will it be worth it? Spoiler: no. It's not worth it to rob a generation of consent and diversity education.

Young Ontarians have been learning the curriculum for three years now. The sky has not fallen. The new normal is nothing like 1998.

A small interest group expressed its discontent with the update, and you let them dictate your educational policy for the rest of us.

If they want the old curriculum, let 'em have it. Why does that have to affect anyone else? Offer the 1998 curriculum as an opt-in option. Don't put a single dollar into censoring valuable facts out of the Ontario curriculum.  

Where insufficient opt-ins exist to conduct a physical class, online courses can reach every corner of the province without significant human resources and retraining.

You need to live your promise to make a lean pragmatic government for the people. If you cannot be both progressive and conservative, history will mock you.