Murals for Crosswalks >> Advent Policy Brief #18

"Crosswalk" invariably conjures the image of broad white lines across dark pavement, but this clandestine traffic feature is evolving. Crosswalks have become ground-level flagpoles, painted as symbols of solidarity with minority communities: rainbow pride, trans pride, and reconciliation orange with white feathers.

I'm not against political crosswalks, but I prefer to think of a crosswalk's capacity as a showcase rather than a flagpole. There's enough to go around! My eighteenth Advent Policy Brief suggests all crosswalks should be considered canvasses for public art.

There are very few opportunities for emerging artists to work on large-scale projects. The vast availability and seasonal degradation of white crosswalks makes crosswalk murals perfect for a broad-reaching low-barrier program to get communities investing professional arts activities. Obvs, it would be ideal if the artists get paid, and I'm partial to a lottery assignment.

After they've nailed a few crosswalk murals, artists are going to want to take their talents to the walls of their cities and towns. Let crosswalk murals be your gateway drug to beautiful street art!