#Thisisme: Drug User

Hi, I'm Devyn, and I do drugs! Last March, I wrote a piece about why and how I think all drugs should be legalized through narcotics acquisition licensing. If we administer a system so responsible people can own guns, why can't we administer a similar system for responsible drug consumption?

Like my perspective on sex, I approach drugs with an aversion to risk and a healthy curiosity. None of my drug consumption happened without a significant amount of research. What's a healthy amount to consume? What are the ways X drug can be taken? What risks are specific to X drug? Are their any good tips to manage your high/side effects?

I don't plan on giving up drug use. Moderating, sure, but I'm not that heavy of a consumer anyhow. I'm much more likely to give up drinking, which has been more expensive and harder the body than most of my drug use. I also think that why alcohol is socially accepted and other drugs aren't is the symbol of a tragically uncritical population.

Shaming drug use makes using drugs more dangerous and pushes addicted/disadvantaged drug users to further extremes to get high. Smoking pot is less harmful than regular boozing or smoking. I can't you tell what to think, but I can tell you when science thinks you're wrong.

Not telling your doctor you use drugs could mean missing preventative advice or early diagnosis. Drug stigma kills.
Weed's my go to (shocker!). I smoke (or vaporize) pot most days. My pot consumption has actually made more productive in many ways. I've already admitted that I smoke up to deal with anxiety, but it also focuses me. The year of my undergrad that I took up smoking spot regularly was my best GPA year. Marijuana saved my life is a 100% fair statement describing me through my two degrees. 

4/20 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

I'm also quite fond of speed (or Adderall if available) and MDMA. I don't do these that often, less than once a month on average. Cleaning on speed is really satisfying, and M is a nice level-up for a dance party, cuddle session, or sexcapade.

I've done coke and oxy and had alright experiences, but they aren't buzzes I'd go out of my way for. I've done shrooms 3 times and really like them, but I keep forgetting about them. I'm not into the hardest drugs (at this point in my life, anyhow). I'll consider Heroine, morphine, and crystal meth for my end-of-life drug rage. (Think the grandpa from Little Miss Sunshine)

Thankfully, I have the furthest thing from an addictive personality. I don't have any concerns that I'll end up on hard drugs everyday. The 2 that I like have a bit of a gnarly come down, and I'm attentive to how my time is spent. Recovery days don't really fit into my plan to build an empire. But as a person who hates reality, knowing that my future probably has fun drugs and hot sex in store offers me unimaginable comfort.

#Thisisme drug user.